Peter Lang publishes essay on Young Man! by Carlos Pons Guerra and Richard Cleminson


Female Masculinity on Stage: Young Man! and the Subversion of Gender 
Roles is the title of the collaboration between choreographer Carlos Pons Guerra and Dr. Richard Cleminson, Reader in Hispanic Studies, Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies at the University of Leeds. The essay, which discusses DeNada Dance Theatre's exploration of the Spanish male image and contextualizes it within the Spanish theatre tradition and the social and political background of the time in which the piece is set, is part of a volume published by Peter Lang and edited by Rafael M. Mérida-Jiménez entitled Hispanic (LGT) Masculinities in Transition. 

The volume is a collection of essays which "investigate the cultural representations/intersections of masculinity and sexual minorities in Spain between the passing of the Law of Social Dangerousness and Social Rehabilitation (1970) and the reform of the Penal Code in 1995...Interlinking the fields of political and historical change and artistic production in order to assess whether cultural representations can be understood as mere reflections of social and political change." 

Pons Guerra and Cleminson have been collaborating since early 2013, shortly after the creation of Young Man!. They both look forward to future collaborations. For Pons Guerra, Cleminson is a valued and inspiring mentor who has been of great influence in the research and contextualizing of DeNada Dance Theatre's work. 

The book can be purchased online in Peter Lang Publishing's website